1978 1988 Monte Carlo G-Body UMI Performance Suspension Kit Package Stage 4

1978 1988 Monte Carlo G-Body UMI Performance Suspension Kit Package Stage 4

1978 1988 Monte Carlo G-Body UMI Performance Suspension Kit Package Stage 4

MADE IN THE U S A! Rear Spring avilable in 1" or 2" Drop. Available in Red or Black Powdercoat Please specify your Engine Weight / Size As well as Color Choice at checkout for fast order processing. 1978 - 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Malibu, El Camino. 1978 - 1988 Buick Regal, Grand National.

1978 - 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix, LeMans. 1978 - 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Who says you can't have it all?

Up front we start with UMI's proven upper and lower tubular a-arms loaded with ½ taller upper and lower ball joints. The upper a-arms increase caster, without additional shims, for a precise steering feel. The lower a-arms are loaded with UMI-built Delrin bushings for smooth non-binding motion and precise steering. Viking's new front hybrid coilover with double adjustable shock allows ride height, compression and rebound adjustment. The ride height adjustment is accomplished with the included spanner wrenches and thrust washers.

The compression and rebound adjusters are clicked by hand no tools! And feature a total of 361 possible valving combinations. Out back we stiffen the chassis with adjustable tubular frame braces which stabilize the Poly/Roto combo lower trailing arms and fully adjustable Roto-Joint upper control arms. 1 or 2 lowering rear springs are controlled by Vikings double adjustable rear shocks, once again featuring 361 possible combinations. Rounding out the rear is our Pro-Tour style rear sway bar. This 3-way adjustable bar features 1 tubular construction, race style end links and UMIs proven CNC machined clamping system. One bar allows street, road race, auto-x and drag settings. As always, this kit features UMIs quality red or black powder coat and premium hardware.

All UMI components are manufactured with pride in Philipsburg, PA USA. Increased spindle height by 1 via tall upper and lower ball joints for improved camber gain and a better contact patch. Upper a-arms add caster for improved steering feel and straight line stability. Lower a-arms feature UMI-built Delrin bushings and accept standard springs or coilovers.

1.250 front sway bar for flat cornering, CNC bent from 4140. Double adjustable Viking shocks are hand assembled in Minnesota USA and feature 361 possible valving combinations. Hybrid coilover springs are available in various rates depending on application and are Made In USA. Rear trailing arms feature Poly and Roto-Joints as well as adjustable uppers for setting pinion angle and rear lateral location.

Choice of 1 or 2 rear lowering springs combined with Viking double adjustable rear shocks works great on street, auto-x and even the drag strip. Chassis mounted sway bar allows 3 adjustments. Rear sway bar is preload adjustable to function as a drag anti-roll bar. Simply turn the on-car adjuster and leave the line with no body twist and even traction. Manufactured in Philipsburg, PA USA by workers who care about your car.

Tubular lower front a-arms with Delrin bushings & ½ taller ball joints, Part #3032-1. Tubular upper front a-arms with Delrin bushings & ½ taller ball joints, Part #3033-2. 1-1/4 Front sway bar with bushings and end links, Part #3035. 1 Tubular pro-touring rear sway bar, 3-way adjustable, Part #3044.

Set of (4) double adjustable Viking shocks, front shocks coil over. Front coil over springs with choice of spring rate. Thrust bearing and spanner wrench for quick and easy height adjustments. Rear lowering springs, choice of 1 or 2 rear drop.

Tubular rear lower control arms with Roto-Joint, Part #3038. Adjustable rear upper control arms with Roto-Joints, Part #3037. Tubular frame braces, Part #3028. Replacement rear end housing bushings, Part #3000. All new Grade 10.9 hardware with nylock nuts to install kit.

UMI lower A-Arms are fabricated from DOM tubing with CNC machined tube ends for a precision fit. They are jig built to maintain accuracy and bolt on correctly every time. All critical areas are TIG welded for superior strength and a clean look.

UMIs lower A-Arms also feature improved ball joint angle for lowered vehicles and the design provides additional tire clearance. Lower a-arms include greaseable, UMI designed and manufactured Delrin bushings.

Delrin bushings offer supremely smooth suspension action and precision operation while still providing some insulation from road noise. They come preloaded with polyurethane bump stops, steering stops and premium ball joints. UMIs extensive testing on the street, drag strip and skid pad ensures a quality product able to with stand all types of abuse. UMI lower A-Arms are designed to work with factory springs, lowering springs and coil over kits without changing the a-arms.

5 lbs lighter than the factory a-arm set while increasing durability. Tubing is precision bent on a programmable tube bender & CNC machined for accuracy. Jig built & TIG welded for superior strength & a clean look. Greaseable, UMI designed & manufactured Delrin bushings for supremely smooth suspension action. Premium ball joints installed & polyurethane bump stops.

Fits factory spindle and works with factory springs, lowering springs and coil over kits. Durable red or black powder coat finish.

Designed and manufactured with pride in Philipsburg, PA USA. Improve the street and track performance of your G-body and achieve that precise Pro-Touring feel by combining UMI's popular upper a-arms with ½ taller premium ball joints. These a-arms combine the benefit of additional caster with increased negative camber potential throughout the suspension travel. The relocated ball joint plate offers up to six degrees caster without excessive shimming while the ½ taller ball joint creates up to one additional degree negative camber at full bump travel. Expect improved steering feel courtesy of increased caster and an overall increase in lateral grip due to the camber improvement. Features include greaseable, low deflection UMI designed and manufactured Delrin bushings, chromoly cross shafts, improved header clearance and polyurethane bump stops. These track-tested, jig built DOM a-arms are supplied with a durable gloss red or black powder coat finish which guarantees your performance parts stay beautiful on your street car, drag car, autocrosser or Pro-touring machine. Designed and manufactured with pride in Philipsburg, PA - USA. New premium ½ taller ball joints for improved camber curve. Relocated ball joint pad for increased caster without excess shims. CNC machined ball joint mount & tubing radiuses. Robust tubular design with machined gussets. Precision bent tubing on programmable tube bender. TIG welded for superior strength and clean looks. 4140 chromoly cross shafts, CNC machined & zinc plated. UMI built, greaseable & fluted CNC machined no deflection Delrin bushings. Direct bolt-in compatible with factory or UMI lower a-arm and factory spindle. May also work in conjunction with other brand lower A-arms and/or spindles. Package includes recommended alignment specs and detailed installation instructions. UMI Performance 1.250 (32mm) solid front sway bar is designed to reduce body roll, understeer and increase corning capabilities resulting in a more balanced suspension. This front sway bar is more rigid than the factory 7/8 front sway bar and bolts directly in place with no modifications. This Front sway bar is manufactured from 1.250 4140 chrome moly steel, CNC bent and formed as one piece to insure maximum strength and performance.

Each kit includes new Energy Suspension end links and greaseable sway bar bushings with new zinc plated clamshells. Sway bar is available powder coated bright red or gloss black for a durable long lasting finish. This beefy 1 solid rear sway bar is designed to reduce body roll, understeer and increase corning capabilities resulting in a more balanced suspension.

This rear sway bar also works excellent to keep your vehicle level and straight during those hard launches. This sway bar is manufactured from 1 solid 4140 chrome moly steel, heat treated and formed as one piece to insure maximum strength and performance. This sway bar is heat treated and formed as one piece, this process allows the bar to maintain its shape and memory longer than a cold bent bar. Rear sway bar includes all new Grade 8 hardware to complete the installation and is available powder coated Bright Red or Gloss Black. UMI's tubular lower control arms utilize their Roto-Joint technology for a bind free performance and quiet comfortable ride quality.

The Roto-Joint design is a pivot ball lined with a greaseable delrin race designed to offer 28 degrees of total unrestricted movement, more than adequate for a bind free, low friction operation. The installed delrin race, which lines the spherical ball, absorbs shock and road noise for a quiet and smooth operation on any street or track driven vehicle. This control arm set features polyurethane bushings on one end and UMIs swivel Roto-Joint on the other end. This set-up is designed for street performance and street enthusiast. The polyurethane bushing end is designed to be bolted to the vehicle chassis side while the Roto-Joint attaches to the rear end side.

Since the polyurethane bushings are softer they are designed to absorb more road noise and shock before it enters the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Both control arms feature the correct provisions for adding a stock or aftermarket sway bar. Sway bar holes are reinforced with a 0.120 wall thickness steel sleeve that is TIG welded and sanded into place. All bushing ends and Roto-Joints are greaseable and low maintenance making an excellent street setup for your cruiser!

Constructed of 1.500 x 0.120 DOM mild steel tubing. Energy Suspension greaseable polyurethane bushings.

Brilliant and durable powder coat finish. Trailing arm mount braces are designed to reinforce the rear upper and lower front control arm mounts on your 78-88 G-Body vehicle. The more power your ride makes the better chance of bending or breaking the rear control arm mounts. These tubular reinforcements tie the upper and lower rear control arm mounts together for added strength and driving performance. The UMI Performance braces are bent to contour the floor of the vehicle, unlike some competitors designs these reinforcements do not require the floor to be dented or pounded for correct fitment.

Control arm braces are manufactured from DOM steel; TIG welded and feature adjustment for a perfect fit on all 78-88 G-Bodys. This kit includes new longer Grade 8 bolts, lock nuts and washers for a 100%25 bolt in installation. UMI Performances adjustable upper controls feature on car adjustability and are supplied with spherical Roto-Joints. For ease of adjustment UMI has designed these upper control arms with on car adjustability.

Pinion angle adjustments can easily be made in the garage or at the track and making adjustments is as simple as loosening two jam nuts. Using UMIs chrome moly on car adjuster, simply turn the adjuster with the control arms attached to the vehicle to quickly lengthen or shorten the control arm. As the control arms are shortened or lengthen the rotate the rear end changing the pinion angle.

Pinion angle adjustments are crucial when wanting to lower your track 60 foot times, increase traction and reduce unwanted wheel hop. On car adjustable using a chrome moly, heat treated adjuster. Mounting plate CNC machined from 0.250 thick mild steel. 4140 chrome moly threaded tube adaptors.

Polyurethane Rear End Housing Replacement Bushings. Replace your rubber OEM rear end housing with an Energy Suspension polyurethane setup. Over years, rubber OEM bushings dry rot, crack and harden, decreasing your ride quality and performance.

The Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings replace the two upper control arm rear end differential bushings--the bushings that stay attached to the rear end. This is an excellent upgrade for your street or track driven vehicle. UMI's Roto-Joint, short for Rotational Joint, allows 28 degrees of total rotation and unrestricted movement throughout the vehicles suspension. The Roto-Joint is designed to work like a spherical rod end while maintaining streetable qualities of a softer bushing. The Roto-Joint is designed to articulate and prevent suspension bind, and since the installed delrin race does not deflect like softer bushings, there is an improvement in traction and a significant reduction in wheel hop.

The construction of the Roto-Joint features a 4140 chrome moly, hard chrome plated spherical ball which rotates in a delrin race. The 4140 chrome moly material and hard chrome plating are designed for extensive wear resistance against hard driving and accumulated miles. The spherical ball rotates in the CNC machined delrin bushing, which is contoured for the spherical ball to allow unrestricted movement as the ball rotates. Delrin is the bushing material of choice due to its high resistance against wear, great tensile strength, and ability to maintain its physical properties. The housing of the Roto-Joint features 4140 chrome moly threads, and a CNC machined bushing holder TIG welded together for the utmost in strength and durability.

The UMI Roto-Joint is adjustable and 100%25 rebuildable. This means as the delrin race wears the adjuster ring can be tightened using the optional spanner wrench to apply tension to the ball. If the delrin race would ever wear completely it can be replaced easily. Spanner Wrench This spanner wrench is used for adjusting and disassembling Roto-Joints used in all UMI Performance products. Over time if the delrin race inside the Roto-Joint would wear the spanner wrench is used to tighten the adjusting ring applying more pressure to the delrin inside.

The spanner wrench is also used to disassemble the Roto-Joint for cleaning, inspection and rebuilding. Greaseable unit increases bushing life. 28 Degrees of total unrestriced movement.

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1978 1988 Monte Carlo G-Body UMI Performance Suspension Kit Package Stage 4