Restoration Service Pontiac Quadrajet Carburetor Remanufacturing

Restoration Service Pontiac Quadrajet Carburetor Remanufacturing

Restoration Service Pontiac Quadrajet Carburetor Remanufacturing
What Has Been Done to This Carburetor? New Main Body Gasket 8. New Throttle Body Gasket 9. New Check Ball(s) 14. New Bushings in Throttle Shaft 15. Dichromate on Zinc Casting Only Ethanol Resistant Parts. What Does Live Engine Testing Involve?

RPM Pre-Set: We want to Make Sure The Carburetor Curb idle is Pre-Set, Not to Low and Not to High, A Low Curb Idle Setting will Leave the Engine Running Rough Causing a Poor Running Engine, However a High Idle will Leave the Engine Racing Causing a Rich Running Condition. We Can Promise You the Curb Idle will be Set for a Plug-N-Play Setup.

Fast Idle Pre-Set: I can't Emphasize this Enough, Fast Idle or Idle at Cold Start has to be One of the More Important Adjustments on the Carburetor. Everyone Has Started an Engine in the Morning, Idle Goes High, then Drops Down into Normal Operating Temperature. However if the Fast Idle is Not Set Properly then the Fast Idle will not Drop or will Take Longer to Drop. When We Pre-Set this Adjustment on Carburetor We Make Sure the Choke is Opening the Choke Valve Normally and Make all the Necessary Adjustments on Our Live Engine to leave the Carburetor Ready to Go. Mixture idle Screws Pre-Set: Fuel Economy, Fuel Economy, Fuel Economy, That is Why We Pre-Set this Adjustment.

We Always want to Set the Carburetor to Run Clean, a Clean Running Engine is always a Better and Efficient Engine. Air/Fuel Ratio is Crucial to a Good Running Carburetor.

If you Order a Carburetor from Us, I can Guarantee You the Carburetor Will Run Smooth, Clean, and Have the Power there When You Need it! How do I get My Core Deposit Back?

How do I Order This Carburetor? The Art of Carburetors is Truly a Dying Business. That is why I have made this website to keep the Carburetor Business Alive. Our Carburetors are Completely Remanufactured to the brim, Bushings in Throttle Shafts, Needle, Seat, Float, Choke Pull-Off, Rods, Springs, Check Balls, Accelerator Plunger, Accelerator Cup and Gaskets are New and Ethanol Resistant to Meet the Standard Fuel of Today. Carburetors are My Business and I Plan to Keep it that Way for a Very Long Time (God Willing).

Questions or Concerns, Contact DownDraftDan! We Use Either UPS or U. Questions or Concerns, Ask for DownDraftDan!

Cores are Very Important to Our Company. In Fact it is the Foundation of Our Company. Many of Our Carburetors Have Core Deposits. However Many of Our Carburetors Do Not!

In Order to Receive Your Core Deposit We Ask the Following Requirement! Price on Listing May or May Not have a Core Deposit, Contact Dan for More Details. Questions or Concerns, Please Contact DownDraftDan! Our Products are Guaranteed for 180 Days Against Defective Workmanship and Material. If The Unit is Defective we will NOT be Responsible Beyond the Value of the Defective Unit, Nor will We in Any Way Be Responsible for Any Damages or Expenses Occasioned by Defective Merchandise.

We Will Only Guarantee the Replacement of the Unit as We Can NOT Guarantee Against Improper Installation and Use. All Prices Subject to Change without Notice. Core Values Will Decrease or Increase According to Market Value. A Good Question Demands a Good Answer. They Want to Physically See the Carburetor Test and Run on Our Live Engine.

That Process Usually Takes 2-3 Days Many Times We Do get the Product Out Much Sooner. Does the Price Include a Core Deposit? Japan, Germany, Finland, Europe and Many More are Some of Our Best Customers. It is Always My Goal to Get These Carburetors to These Vehicles so a Piece of American History can Continue On. Are You an Actual Shop or Are You Rebuilding Them at a House? We are an Acutal Shop/Facility/Building and All of the Above. We Do this for a Living and Our Shop is 100% Carburetors, Why Last Night My Wife Woke Me Up, She Said Wake Up! " I Woke up and Said, "What's Wrong?

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Restoration Service Pontiac Quadrajet Carburetor Remanufacturing