1983 Vintage Helmut Newton Photo Print Grand Prix Monte Carlo Photogravure 14x17

1983 Vintage Helmut Newton Photo Print Grand Prix Monte Carlo Photogravure 14x17

1983 Vintage Helmut Newton Photo Print Grand Prix Monte Carlo Photogravure 14x17
1983 Vintage Helmut Newton Photo Print Grand Prix Monte Carlo Photogravure 14x17. Print Method: Photogravure (Heliogravure, sheet fed photogravure, lithograph).

Color / B&W: Black & White. Image Height: 12.80 ins. Image Width: 9.65 ins. (New) Mount & Mat Board: 100% Cotton, Acid Free, Museum Grade Mount Board.

Mount Height: 17.0 ins. Mount Width: 14.0 ins. Standard Frame: 14 by 17. The mount and mat are brand new.

Newton shot a number of pictorials for Playboy, including pictorials of Nastassja Kinski and Kristine DeBell. Like Norman Parkinson, Richard Avedon, and Irving Penn, newton became one of the most influential and talented photographers shooting for Vogue. Perhaps his biggest supporter and promoter was his wife June, who established her own career as a photographer under the pseudonym April Springs. You could tell that from one half of his fashion oeuvre, those en plein air pictures set in and around swimming pools, on the white-hot beaches of St Tropez or Nice or Cannes, in and around Paris's municipal parks, on whitewashed rooftops and sun-bleached balconies. The other half was unwaveringly crepuscular: shuttered hotel suites, underground carparks, dark street corners lit by the phosphorescence of fin-de-si├Ęcle street lamps.

Here he was in thrall to his hero Brassaï, chronicler of Paris after dark, a thrilling cityscape of insomniacs, brothels and illicit drinking clubs. As a teenager, Newton worked as an apprentice to theater photographer Yva in Berlin. He fled increasing Nazi oppression in Germany in 1938, shortly after Kristallnacht, and worked in Singapore and Australia during World War II, serving in the Australian army for several years.

In Paris he began working for French Vogue, and later Harper's Bazaar, Playboy, Elle, and other publications during the 1950s and 1960s as his reputation grew, traveling frequently throughout the world on assignments. With an online database of more than 17,000 photographers, Vintage Photo Prints has been serving art collectors around the globe since 1982. To browse our latest daily arrivals in the gallery.

More items in the "Fashion" category. Photogravure Etching Process (Conservation Wiki). A copper plate is dusted with resin powder, then the plate is heated to melt the resin, creating aquatint grain pattern. A thin tissue is coated with gelatin, then sensitized with dichromate. When this tissue is exposed to light in contact with a positive image, gelatin in the area that receives more light (highlights) becomes more insoluble to water copper plate by pressing the gelatin side of the tissue against the plate.

The plate is, then washed with warm water to remove soluble gelatin, leaving a thicker layer in highlights and the area with thicker layer. The rest is identical to any intaglio printing process.

The plate is inked, depositing more ink in the deeply etched areas and less in shallowly etched areas, thus creating tonal range, then printed on paper as positive image... Photogravure registers a wide variety of tones, through the transfer of etching ink from an etched copper plate to special dampened paper run through an etching press. The unique tonal range comes from photogravure's variable depth of etch, that is, the shadows are etched many times deeper than the highlights. Unlike half-tone processes which vary the size of dot, the depth of ink wells is varied in a photogravure plate. The human eye resolves these fine variations into a continuous tone image...

EXTRA FINE COLLECTOR CONDITION PRINT with BRAND NEW, professionally dry-mounted MOUNT AND MAT with archival, museum grade, 14.0 ins wide x 17.0 ins high mount board. Vintage Print: VP523722 is a GENUINE, ORIGINAL, HELMUT NEWTON, PHOTOGRAVURE. It is NOT a copy of any kind nor a digital reprint. It is an AUTHENTIC VINTAGE PRINT made in 2009, ready for a standard 14 by 17 frame, Image size: 9.65 ins wide x 12.80 ins high. GALLERY CERTIFIED with TAMPER PROOF SECURITY HOLOGRAM with SECURITY ID. Vintage Print: VP523722 is a genuine, original Photogravure print. It is not a modern copy of any kind nor a digital reprint. It is an authentic vintage print made in 2009. The print mount comes with a label fixed to the reverse side of the archival mount-board. The label contains the information needed to confirm the authenticity of the print. There is a QR code on the label which you can scan to go directly to your database page without having to enter the vintage id.

The label has a tamper proof, security hologram with a Security ID. The Security ID on the hologram matches the Security ID on the label.

Vintage Print: VP523722 comes with a signed letter certifying its authenticity. The letter also contains a copy of the label from the back of the print mount (see above) and a matching tamper proof, security hologram with matching Security ID. The matching, tamper proof security holograms on the letter of authenticity and the rear mounted label hold the Security ID confirming the authenticity of this collector piece.

1983 Vintage Helmut Newton Photo Print Grand Prix Monte Carlo Photogravure 14x17